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Sponsorship of is available to those who wish to reach an audience of 10k global readers spending an average of 9 minutes each per day reading my content. My readers are primarily technology professionals working in security and software development disciplines across all levels of organizations. I've elected to turn to sponsorship rather than traditional ads because it's a much better experience for all involved.


My demographic is spreads across a global audience with the top countries is represented as follows:

Age demographics

Gender demographics

The positioning of the sponsorship

Sponsorship is typically measured in monthly terms and includes the sponsor's message in a prominent yet non-obtrusive position at the top of each page:

The positioning is equally prominent on the smaller screen:

The sponsor message

The sponsor message may be up to 140 characters long and is positioned after the "Presently sponsored by" text to ensure transparency. The entire message is then hyperlinked to a resource of the sponsor's choosing. It should be accurate, direct and in keeping with the candid, transparent fashion in which I run the site. The message should also clearly identify who the sponsor behind it is.

I actively engage with as much of my audience as possible and I am happy to direct them to the sponsor for any queries they may have. I'm also happy to do podcasts, interviews or get involved in other promotional activities the sponsor is running over the course of the sponsorship period.

The sponsor URL

The URL will be directly linked to the sponsor message and maybe any address of the sponsor's choosing that is broadly accessible by the audience of this blog. Tracking addresses that are restricted by common ad blockers are not broadly accessible by the audience and cannot be used. Tracking inbound visitors on the sponsor's site is fine, as is including tracking parameters in the URL.

Sponsor selection

Unlike traditional ads which I had little control over, a sponsor appearing on this site is a direct relationship between them and myself. Their message appears prominently alongside my content and as a result, it's important that I'm endorsed in what the sponsor does which may mean that some are not a good fit for the site.


Pricing is POA and changes over time. Sponsorship is offered in monthly blocks.

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